What happens if my package gets stuck or seized in customs?
Posted by InTimeWatch Chris on 08 March 2016 05:24 AM

Even though this happens rarely because we know how to minimize the chance for it to happen, you should not worry even when it does. In most cases it will simply cause a little delay in delivery and nothing more than that. If other cases, your customs may require an invoice for the purchase – feel free to contact us and we will provide one for you! In the worst case-scenario (and the extremely rare one), you will receive a letter that your package has been detained or seized. If that happens, please contact us by submit a ticket explaining what happened and sending the customs letter as an attachment.

If your package is sezied by customs by our "Suggested shipping method" , We will issue full refund or resend a new package for free, Please note that We are not responsible for your country tax and shipping cost is not refundable.

**Please make sure that there is someone to receive the package if you are not around. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if you do not receive your package due to the fact you were not around to pick it up.**

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