Posted by InTimeWatch Chris on 08 March 2016 05:41 AM

UK SHIPPING (also known as UK Triangulation) is a service that is compulsory for the following countries: Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Malta and Portugal and only recommended to the rest of the European countries. Even though EU is known for its strict customs and laws against replica items, we can ship directly to most of the countries except for the ones mentioned above. As you use the UK SHIPPING service, you will have your package shipped to our agent in the UK first. Then your package will be processed and forwarded to your original address. This way your package will practically arrive from the UK and will pass the customs without problem.

What shipping carriers are used to the UK and from the UK when UK SHIPPING is used?
We always use DHL to ship to our UK agent. Then from the UK to your original address, Royalmail service is used (

How long does UK SHIPPING take?

Normally, the entire process takes about 20-25 days once you receive the first DHL tracking number to the UK.

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