Shipping Method
Posted by InTimeWatch Chris on 08 March 2016 05:15 AM

We ship worldwide offering several shipping methods to most of the countries. However, there are some exceptions which you may want to take a look at in case your country is in the list.

Countries we do not ship to: Brazil, Mexico and Switzerland.

Countries for which EMS shipping is compulsory: Australia, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Greece, Turkey and Malaysia.

Countries for which Aramex shipping is compulsory: Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar

Countries for which DHL shipping is compulsory: South Africa, UK and USA.

Countries for which UK SHIPPING (UK Triangulation) is compulsory: Austria, Malta, Luxemburg, Portugal and Germany.

Countries for which both UK SHIPPING and DHL (but not EMS) can be used: The entire EU except for Austria, Greece, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Luxemburg, Portugal and Germany.

***For any country that is not in the list above, both EMS and DHL can be used! ***

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